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The Fourth (Heart) Chakra ‚- Our Love Centre

The Fourth Chakra is also called Heart Chakra and as the name suggests, it is located around our heart area, in the middle of our chest. This is the only chakra that is represented by two colours: green and pink. Our Heart Chakra is located in the middle of our major seven chakras, between lower […]


Helpful Tips for More Accurate Readings

This time we would like to shed some light on how to use different tools and techniques to make our card, pendulum, tea-leaf, etc. readings even more accurate. When working with energies, it is very useful to know what kind of energies are we dealing with while doing a reading. Not all the energies ‘out […]

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What’s My Life Purpose?

Why am I here? What should I be doing in this life? What’s my life purpose? These are the questions most of us have asked more than once in our life… How to find your life purpose? If you are expecting someone to show up and literally tell you what’s your life purpose and what […]


Tips on manifesting wonderful things in your life

Most of us already know that each person is responsible for creating /manifesting things and experiences his/her own life. The more we are aware of what is happening in our life and listening to our own inner voice our heart intelligence, the easier is to manifest what we really desire and require in our life. […]

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Time to move forward in life

“I have decided it is time to move forward in my life. To start really living the life again. To bring in the joy and love I deserve. To heal my emotional wounds and past hurts.” Sounds familiar? Yes, we’ve all been there. Probably more than once. Why? Because we tend to repeat our patters, […]


I Have Just Watched ‘The Power of the Heart’ movie

As I am writing this, my eyes are still red and my cheeks are still wet from tears rolling down my face non-stop for oven an hour. I’m surrounded by used tissues and a bit stunned by what I’ve just seen and experienced, but the feeling in my chest, in my heart is amazing! It […]

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New Relationships

Have you noticed a lot of relationships are going through big challenges? The relationships are transforming – becoming more harmonious, more co-creative and co-operative. The “power-struggle” type relationships are coming to an end, because the whole planet is moving into unity consciousness. The feminine energy is becoming stronger and stronger and soon we will be […]