Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Seventh (Crown) Chakra – Connection to Divine Mind or Spirit

Our Crown Chakra is located at the crown on the head. The colours representing  the Crown chakra are Violet or White. The Crown Chakra is about spiritual knowing, empathy and selflessness. It is our connection with the Universal Energy, Conscience, our Higher Self, our Soul and our upper chakras (Eighth to Thirteenth Chakra). Through the […]

The Sixth (Third Eye) Chakra – Our Sixth Sense, Our Psychic Powers

Our sixth chakra – Third Eye Chakra is located at the centre of the forehead, between the eyes. The colour representing it is royal blue or indigo. Third Eye Chakra is the centre of our psychic power, our Sixth Sense. Sixth Sense is our internal intuition, our ability to read the past, present and the […]

The Fifth (Throat) Chakra – Our Communication Centre

Our fifth chakra is located in our throat area. The colour representing the Throat Chakra is light blue. The Throat chakra is the gate of our communication, our voice. Our throat chakra represents the expression of our truth, beliefs and opinions. The biggest challenge for us here and now is to speak the truth from […]

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