Wonderful Essential Oils

Did you know essential oils may assist our wellbeing, and using them daily can have a positive effect in our life. We can use essential oils for a particular issue that we might have or because we just like their scent. For example we can use essential oils to help us with: Anxiety Depression Weight […]


Design Your Own Jewellery Workshop with Turquoise

At our ‘Design Your Own Jewellery Workshop’ you will be guided to design your very own magical piece of jewellery (pendant or ring) with a stunning Turquoise gemstone of your choice. As part of our jewellery making workshops you will experience the process of aligning with the powerful energy of a gemstone through guided meditation. […]

Mind, Body & Spirit

Make Your Body a Powerhouse of Immunity

The winter is almost here and so is the cold and flu season. But there is no need to dread the snotty days. We can actually strengthen our immune system naturally very fast, but we need to do it now. A well-balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, exercise, and the use of essential oils and gemstones will […]


Spirit of the Orient Scents

Come with us on a journey. From the hot sands of the Sahara, through bustling markets and ancient trade routes to the exotic  and mysterious lands of the East. For centuries explorers, merchants and travellers alike have been captivated by the Spirit of the Orient. Six unique and unforgettable perfumes await your discovery! Indulge your […]