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Program Your Water With Crystals

Did you know that water has its own “consciousness” and that we can affect it with our thoughts, emotions, environment and crystal energy? Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and scientist has proven with many experiments that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.   Our human body is made of around […]

Mind, Body & Spirit

Balance Your Chakras With Crystals and Mudras

Your chakras love crystals, but there is also another way to balance and empower our chakras – using hand mudras and mantras. We can also use all three as a powerful combination to balance and heal our chakras. It is essential that the particular chakra crystals that we are using are in our energy field […]


Chakra Crystal Grid

Chakra Grid for Balance and Healing. The chakras are an ancient system of understanding our energy.  There are 7 main energy centres, linking to different areas of our life.  This grid uses stones for each of the chakras, helping to balance and align our energy. The 7-star points radiate out from the centre, with one […]