Essential Oils for Cold/Flu Season…

Using essential oils has many benefits. But we also need to be careful and do our own research or consult with our doctor,  to make sure particular essential oils are suitable for us. At the moment the most sought after are essential oils that can be beneficial with supporting our immune system and assist us […]

Mind, Body & Spirit

The importance of smudging…

Native American sage burning/smudging is the most commonly recognized practice of burning sage. But other cultures have incorporated this practice for many years. Sage energetically purifies and clears a space. Burning sage or smudging should be done to keep yourself and environment energetically balanced. It promotes maintaining a peaceful state of being, spiritual awareness, intuition, […]

Mind, Body & Spirit

Wonderful Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for many centuries for meditation and healing. The sound created by playing the Tibetan Singing Bowl is a type of energy that promotes healing from stress related issues, clears the energy of our space, our auric field and can be also used for cleansing crystals and other healing tools. […]