A Little Light on Fertility

Today’s post is predominately for all those women and men out there who have been trying to conceive.

There are many reasons for fertility issues. If there is no obvious one, then it might be a good idea to look beyond our physical body to start finding the REAL reasons why our reproductive organs aren’t healthy and full of life force. It is important to pay attention to our diet and stress levels, but even more important to do some searching and researching into how and what is happening with our Sacral Chakra, what are some of our beliefs around having a family and our extended family, what kind of dynamics have we experienced between our parents in our early childhood, past lives trauma connected to having children or past life contracts and vows regarding our creative energy…

There are many ways how to find answers. A lot of people get answers and guidance in their meditation or in their dreams. Others use pendulum or oracle/tarot cards, or go and see a psychic or an energy healer.

When we decide it is time to bring in a new soul into our family it is always welcome to boost and balance the energy in our Sacral chakra. For that we can also use crystals like Carnelian, Goldstone, Moonstone, Garnet, Tiger Eye…

To connect more easily with the soul that is waiting to incarnate as our child, wear or place a piece of Rose Quartz around your Heart chakra area or on the bedside table at night. This soul can be often seen in a mother-to-be auric field before her baby is even conceived. It is also important to keep your energy field clear and cleansed and your aura strong. There are many ways how to cleanse the energy;  most common is smudging with White Sage or Palo Santo or using Cleansing Spray. We can also use singing bowls or crystal grids….

Did you know that the newborn’s soul doesn’t enter the physical body of the baby until the baby is born? And the way it enters is through the new mother’s auric field. Her auric field literally splits up so that the new soul can incarnate. Isn’t that amazing?

It is important for the new mothers to look after themselves not just physically, but also energetically and strengthen their auric field as much as they can in the first three months after the birth of their baby. It will happen naturally but we can speed up the process with healthy exposure to the gentle sun rays, taking sea salt baths, using healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, meditation, wearing Labradorite, Nuummite or Black Tourmaline gemstones when going out and avoiding crowded places that zap our energy.

A lot of the souls that are incarnating these days are very high-vibration souls, and quite a few of them are coming to this planet for the first time. They are experiencing such “dense” physical bodies literally for the first time. This is one of the major signs that things are definitely moving in the right direction on this planet, or these souls wouldn’t be coming.


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