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Harness the Power of the New Moon: A Manifesting Ritual Guide

Performing a New Moon manifesting ritual is a powerful way to set intentions and manifest your desires.

Harness the Power of the New Moon: A Manifesting Ritual Guide With the New Moon on Wednesday 13 December 2023, it’s a time of fresh beginnings and untapped potential presenting a unique opportunity to set your intentions and manifest your dreams.  At The Blue Budha we believe in the power of the New Moon to […]

Bye Bye, Bad Vibes: 5 simple ways to unblock your Abundance!

Bye Bye, Bad Vibes_ 5 Simple Ways to Unblock Your Abundance (Cover)

Bye Bye, Bad Vibes: 5 simple ways to unblock your Abundance! Hey there, it’s time to say goodbye to those bad vibes! Are you feeling stuck and unable to attract abundance into your life? It’s time to say goodbye to those bad vibes and make space for all the good things coming your way! There […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Moon Rituals: Add Some Magic to Your Life

Hey there! Ready to add some magic to your life? Let’s get started with moon rituals! Moon rituals are a powerful way of harnessing the energy of the moon to manifest your desires, set intentions, and connect with your inner self. Whether you are new to the world of spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, this […]

Harness the Power of the Moon: a Guide to Creating Moon Water for Manifestation and Magic

Jar of sparkling Moon Water

Harness the Power of the Moon – Astrologers, witches, and mystics alike can all agree on the power of the Moon. It’s one of the two luminaries in our sky (alongside the Sun) and an incredibly potent tool for manifestation and magic. The Moon rules over the subtle, subconscious, and intuitive aspects of the self, and […]

The Story Behind Dream Catchers

Dream catcher in the wind

Dream catcher story goes way back in the Native American Indian history, but even to this day dream catchers fascinate people and are found in many homes all around the world. According to the Native American tradition, dream catchers are intended to protect people during their sleep from negative energy and bad dreams, while letting […]

The Meaning of the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy

Did you know we all use and work with the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy, no matter what gender we are? When looking at our chakras (energy wheels), the bottom 3 chakras represent the  Divine Masculine energy and the top 3 chakras represent the Divine Feminine energy. What is very interesting, is that the middle […]

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