Be the Master Creator of Your Life

Most of us want to live a good and happy, but things often change and humans don’t like change very much. We tend to resist it because we are scared of the new and unknown and it triggers our base chakra issues, which deals with survival, safety and security.


Here are some tips on how to create the life you love:

  • Acknowledge and accept the fact that the only constant thing in our life is Change. Things, circumstances, people, etc change. Nothing is static in this world. Go with the flow and stop trying to control all things.
  • Our life is a reflection, a physical manifestation of our feelings and thoughts. Change your thoughts and your life will change.
  • Gratitude is the key. People would say “Count your blessings!”. Exactly! When you gift yourself at least 5 minutes a day (every day!) to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for, your energy will shift rapidly and you will start to vibrate at a higher frequency, which creates more joy, miracles and wonderful synchronicities. One of the best ways is to use Gratitude Diary
  • Accept that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we understand immediately why something has happened in our life, sometimes we “get it” much later when we look back and see everything that has happened was just perfect and it all came together like puzzles to get us to where we are now.
  • We got free will and the power to change things in our life. Every day is an opportunity to do something new and different.
  • Staying in the comfort zone is a trap. If we wish to experience the life filled with joy, excitement, learning, growing and expanding, pushing boundaries and challenging yourself is a must. Otherwise how would we know how awesome we truly are?!
  • Listen to your heart and your gut feeling. Do more of what excites you, what makes you feel alive, what you are passionate about!
  • Boost your confidence and self-worth. There are many ways to do that. You can use gemstones like Tiger Eye, Citrine and Unakite. If you feel you are stuck and in a need of a healing or a reading, then do that. The most important is that you do what you feel you need to do. But don’t think about it for too long. Act now. Use small steps if you must, but do the steps.
  • Cleanse your energy field and home environment regularly. We constantly interact with other people and their energy and by doing that we take on some of their energy. Sometimes we interact with people who have heavier or negative energy, which can then lower our frequency also. Harbouring unwanted energies can block our energy flow and can also make us feel anxious or depressed. Smudging with Sage or Palo Santo wood is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your energy. You can also use an Aura Cleansing Spray.


We live in interesting times that are also very challenging, but the powerful opportunity to awaken your senses, grow and learn is one of a kind and has never ever happened this way on our planet before. By being a victim it is impossible to change things in your life. It is time to really understand that you and only you are the Master Creator of your life and start today creating life you wish to live.


The Blue Budha



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