Benefits and Uses of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”.  It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.

Palo Santo is used by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage and Cedar.  It is has been popularised for its heavenly presence in keeping energies grounded and clear. It creates a pleasant, fresh smoke that works well also in keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects.



Some wonderful benefits that Palo Santo offers are:

  1. Energy cleansing – Palo Santo has been used for centuries by indigenous people of South America for cleansing and purification. It is believed that burning Palo Santo wood clears negative energy and restores calm


  1. Deepening a connection with the Divine Source – Palo Santo is believed to raise your vibration and also grounds your energy. It strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and also to Mother Earth.


  1. Energy protection – Palo Santo can eliminate and clear energy. It can also create a higher vibration around our energy field and our home, protecting it from lower frequencies. It is a good idea to use Palo Santo wood or Palo Santo pure essential oil regularly to keep the vibration in your environment high.


  1. Crystal cleansing – Smudging your crystals with Palo Santo will cleanse their energy and attune them more to you and to the Mother Earth energy.


  1. Inspires creativity  – Palo Santo Wood may help brighten energy and promote feelings of joy. It is said Palo Santo enhances our clarity and concentration and can assists us with stress release.



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