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Opening to Love

When we hear the word Love, most people instantly think of romantic love, but love is much bigger than that. Humans like to label things so we have romantic love, unconditional love, parent love… But love just is. Love is love. Love is an emotion, a frequency, an energy that is difficult to put it […]

8 Tips to Manage Stress

These days our lifestyle puts us under a lot of stress. Constant rushing, financial worries, crushing deadlines… It all adds up and can have a damaging impact on our health and wellbeing. According to World Health Organisation, stress is number one cause of illness worldwide. Why? Because stress lowers our immune system. This is why […]

Crystal Grids

Creating crystal grids is as simple as laying crystals in a specific pattern to create an energy vortex, amplifying the healing energy of the crystals and your chosen intention. Grids can be placed in our home & garden, around our vision boards or our office. Crystal grids create potent energy vortexes that amplify the crystal […]

The Amazing Shungite

Shungite is a unique carbonaceous stone that is well known for its healing properties. People nowadays refer to it as a miracle stone because of its numerous curatives, protective and therapeutic properties that it has offered for several generations now. Shungite is a great crystal to use for electro-magnetic frequency radiation (EMF) protection. Shungite is believed […]

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