2nd July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

This powerful total solar eclipse will be visible in South America and South Pacific area, but its energy will have a big impact on the whole planet. A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the […]


Everyone’s Got Angels Around Them

Believe it or not, everyone’s got Angels around them. It doesn’t matter if a person is aware of Angels or believes in them, each person has at least two guardian angels with them all the time and they are in charge of our physical safety, so we don’t damage our body too much until it’s […]

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Tarot Class for Beginners at The Blue Budha Fremantle

Are you a Tarot beginner, or just curious and want to know more about Tarot? Then this fun course with a highly experienced Tarot reader and also our team member, Jo is just for you! In this 7-Week course you will learn: Basic understanding of the 78 Cards How to Prepare, read spread of Cards […]


Co-creating with the energy of the upcoming Blue Moon

What is a Blue Moon? The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in one Month. This Blue Moon will occur on 31st July at 18:43 pm WAST and we won’t see it again until January 2018. It is believed that a Blue Moon heightens activity, awareness, and […]


How to know if the messages are coming from your Guidance or your Ego?

How to know if the messages are coming from your Guidance or your Ego?  Have you ever wondered if you thoughts, your gut feeling, your hunches are the information and messages from your Higher Self and your Guides, or they might be just your ego talking… How to tell the difference? One big difference between […]

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When Our Loved Ones Depart

When our loved ones depart… Our lives are created of many cycles: big ones, small ones and the ones that last until we learn the lesson… Death is also part of a cycle, a cycle with many names and meanings. The fact is that whenever any of our loved ones departs (this includes our pets), […]

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The Fifth (Throat) Chakra – Our Communication Centre

Our fifth chakra is located in our throat area. The colour representing the Throat Chakra is light blue. The Throat chakra is the gate of our communication, our voice. Our throat chakra represents the expression of our truth, beliefs and opinions. The biggest challenge for us here and now is to speak the truth from […]

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The Fourth (Heart) Chakra ‚- Our Love Centre

The Fourth Chakra is also called Heart Chakra and as the name suggests, it is located around our heart area, in the middle of our chest. This is the only chakra that is represented by two colours: green and pink. Our Heart Chakra is located in the middle of our major seven chakras, between lower […]