Chakra Crystal Grid

Chakra Grid for Balance and Healing.

The chakras are an ancient system of understanding our energy.  There are 7 main energy centres, linking to different areas of our life.  This grid uses stones for each of the chakras, helping to balance and align our energy.

The 7-star points radiate out from the centre, with one ray for each chakra.  You can use this grid to work with a specific chakra, by standing facing the ray of the chakra you wish to work with.

Imagine (feel or visualize) the colour of those crystals being drawn into your body, and ask (out loud or clearly in your mind) that this energy be sent to where your body/mind/soul most needs it.  You can make a simple chakra grid with only 7 stones, such as the ones found in our wonderful chakra set of stones, or chose your own set of chakra stones from the wonderful selection at any of our The Blue Budha stores or at our online store. Feel free to make the grid as displayed or get creative!


Base chakra – colour: red – safety, belonging, community, grounding, action.

Sacral chakra – colour: orange – creativity, trust, sexuality, pleasure.

Solar Plexus chakra – colour: yellow – self-confidence, decision making, personal power.

Heart chakra – connection, acceptance, joy.

Throat chakra – self-expression, communication, listening, understanding.

Third Eye Chakra – psychic gifts, intuition, receiving messages from higher self and other dimensions.

Crown Chakra – connection to the Divine, source energy.


Crystals in this grid:

Inner circle: Chakra pack (red jasper – base chakra, carnelian – sacral chakra, tiger eye – solar plexus chakra, Green Aventurine – heart chakra, Lapis Lazuli – throat chakra, Amethyst – third eye chakra, Clear Quartz – crown chakra)


Middle circle:

Garnet – Base Chakra

Goldstone – Sacral Chakra

Yellow Aventurine – Solar Plexus Chakra

Malachite – Heart Chakra

Blue Calcite – Throat Chakra

Purple Agate – Third Eye Chakra

Opalite – Crown Chakra


Outer circle:

Red tiger eye – Base Chakra

Moonstone – Sacral Chakra

Pyrite – Solar Plexus Chakra

Jade – Heart Chakra

Blue Howlite – Throat Chakra

Purple Howlite – Third Eye Chakra

Selenite – Crown Chakra.



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