Crystal Grids

Creating crystal grids is as simple as laying crystals in a specific pattern to create an energy vortex, amplifying the healing energy of the crystals and your chosen intention.

Grids can be placed in our home & garden, around our vision boards or our office.

Crystal grids create potent energy vortexes that amplify the crystal energy, constantly charging each other and the crystals in the grid. The crystal grid amplifies the energy of the crystal that is placed in the centre, which is called the anchor crystal, creating an amplified field around the grid and out into the physical environment.

Grids can also be programmed by placing and projecting an intention into the grid. The crystals in the grid store the intention and continuously amplify it, making it a powerful manifestation tool.

When creating a grid, always use cleansed* and charged* crystals. Once you activate the grid the energy will continue to amplify until the grid crystals have been moved.

When establishing your grids, it is best to create a sacred space because this is a powerful ritual and the energy you create will manifest into your grid. Make sure to do this when you are feeling centred and calm because the crystals will pick up on your energy and amplify it. (by Rachelle Charman, Crystals, 2012)

Stay tuned for some great crystal grid ideas posted on our Facebook and Instagram during the following weeks.

*The safest way to cleanse your crystals is by smudging them with Palo Santo wood or White Sage smudge stick.

*To charge your crystals, put them outside under the full moon, or place them on a large crystal cluster or generator. You can also put them next to a natural Citrine or Selenite for a few hours.

Time to start creating grids, which will deepen the connection with your crystals even more! Pop into one of our stores  and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right crystals for your grid, or simply shop online at


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