Design Your Own Jewellery Workshop with Larimar

At our ‘Design Your Own Jewellery Workshop’ you will be guided to design your very own magical piece of jewellery (pendant or ring) with a breathtaking Larimar gemstone of your choice.

As part our jewellery making workshops you will experience the process of aligning with the powerful energy of a gemstone through guided meditation.

The workshop includes:

  • One high quality Larimar gemstone of your own choice, which you can select from our special collection. Gemstones are available for viewing at our Fremantle store (Manning Arcade).
  • Workshop design kit.
  • Guided meditation to connect into the energies of the stone, and allow your intuition to guide your creative process.
  • One-on-one guidance and support as you create your designs.
  • Our fantastic silversmiths will manufacture your design to create your very own piece of sacred jewellery to cherish.
  • Light refreshments including tea and coffee.

About Larimar: 

Larimar is called the Dolphin stone because of the dolphin association with Atlantis and their abilities to communicate on a higher frequency level. This is a highly spiritual stone that works effectively within all of the chakras from the heart chakra through to the crown chakra.

Larimar assists the wearer to find his/her zest for life. It helps one to recognise ones talents and gifts and utilise them in this lifetime, which can bring the joy, creativity, inspiration and passion into the wearer’s life.

Larimar is an active throat chakra crystal, that has a vibration that assists clear communication. This energy can quicken one’s contact with the Goddess. By accessing the Divine Feminine we can soothe and heal your emotions and release stress. Larimar helps to dissolve emotional barriers and to release stored negative emotions such as angry thoughts, remembered pain and other detrimental emotions that are not benefiting us.

Workshop Details


Sunday, 26th February 2017, 10am – 12pm


2/16 Brolo Ct, O’Connor


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