Design Your Own Sacred Jewellery with Shane and Sam

Book into this amazing *New* workshop opportunity now! Places limited. Design your own sacred piece, guided by Shane and Sam. Workshop price includes the handcrafting of your designs by our silversmiths for you own. Three powerful stones to choose from!

Weekend Option: Sun 17th July 2016 10am – 12pm

Weekday Option: Tues 19th July 2016 10am – 12pm

Venue:  2/16 Brolo Ct, O’Connor

Price: $250

Book now on 9433 2097

About the Workshop

Have you ever wanted a piece of crystal jewellery that is absolutely unique and totally sacred to you?  Something that takes your connection with the crystal to a whole other level? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to allow your creativity to soar and bring your amazingly soul-level deep ideas to life in a powerfully sacred piece of Stirling Silver and Gemstone jewellery?

For the first time ever, The Blue Budha is offering a Design Your Own Sacred Jewellery Workshop! Join Shane and Sam in this amazing opportunity to experience the process of aligning with the powerful energy of a gemstone to create your very own piece of Stirling Silver Sacred Jewellery. The workshop will begin with the chance to select the stone that you want to create your design around.  We will then have a guided meditation to connect into the energies of the stone and your own inner guidance about how the stone wants to work with you, and the qualities that would like to be expressed in the design work. Does the stone want to be a ring? A pendant? Does it want to express itself as a strong, striking design, or something with more flow and elegance? After the meditation it is time to let your creativity out, when Shane guides and supports you as you create your designs. Your wonderful designs will then be taken to our amazing silversmiths and made into your very own piece of sacred jewellery!

About the Crystals

For this first workshop we have three gorgeous stones to choose from, Blue Lace Agate, Variscite and Moss Agate.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone that can bring us into a calm, peaceful state of being.  It has qualities of grace, serenity and elegance, reminding us to pause, breathe and reconnect with our divinity.  Its light blue colour links it to the throat and gentle yet powerful communication.  It helps us to overcome fear of judgement and self-doubt and to discern truth from lies.

Affirmation: “I communicate my ideas with clarity, conviction and irresistible eloquence.” (Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Aishan)

Variscite is a high vibration stone that is helpful for connecting with our intuition, encouraging the mind into the calm, meditative state needed to access true guidance. It is calming for the emotions, helping release internal disharmony into the light, while reminding us of our strength and courage to respond effectively to life’s challenges. Its beautiful light green colour brings us into our heart centre and its sacred compassion, while maintaining our connections to our higher selves.

Affirmation: “I am filled with calm and wellbeing, my heart is full of love, and my life is in harmonious balance.” (Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Aishan)

Moss Agate is a beautiful stone that connects us to nature and Mother Earth, including the nature spirits that reside within her. It can assist in the process of transmuting karmic patterns, finding the strength and will within us to face and learn what we need in order to realign with our Soul’s divine blueprint. It is a stabilising energy, and can help us with aspects of ourselves that may be addicted to drama (sugar, caffeine, work and/or emotional rollercoasters). It is a stone of slow but steady growth, which allows the changes made to be real and stable.

Affirmation: “I am balanced, stable, healthy, whole and at home on the Earth.” (Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Aishan)

Workshop Details 

Book now on 9433 2097


Weekend Option: Sun 17th July 2016

Weekday Option: Tues 19th July 2016

Venue:  2/16 Brolo Ct, O’Connor

Price: $250


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