For those of you who wonder. Budha vs Buddha

It is not uncommon for people to question whether Budha has been spelt incorrectly, so for anyone who has ever pondered this very thing, here is the answer.

Firstly, Budha is not to be confused with Buddha.

In Hindu mythology, Budha is the God of merchandise and the protector of Merchants.

… make sense now?

Here are some more interesting facts about Budha.

Budha is also the name for the planet Mercury and the son of Chandra (the moon).

He is represented as being mild, eloquent and generally has a greenish complexion, although we prefer blue!

He can be seen holding a scimitar, a club and a shield, riding a winged lion in Ramghur temple.

Although, illustrations have also being noted to depict the God holding a sceptre and a lotus riding wither a carpet, an eagle, or a chariot drawn by lions!

Well, there you have it and hope you now feel a sense of enlightenment and your inner conflict has been resolved.

Finally, a thought from Buddha,

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.’



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