Happiness is an Inside Job!

What does it mean to be happy?

Happiness is an emotional state that everyone wants to be in, but somehow we find it hard to create that on a day-to-day basis. Most of us get occasional glimpses of happiness or we think we are happy when we get something we wanted for a long time, but this wonderful emotion quickly wears off, and then we find ourselves back in the grey routine.

Sometimes we hear people saying to us: ‘Just be happy!’, but the majority of us simply don’t know how to get there. As with everything in life, there are more than one ways to get to your desired “destination”, the same applies to the journey to your true happiness. The most important is to start with basics, and in this case the basics are:


  1. Happiness is an inside job. The outside factors might make you happy for a bit but they wear off. Happiness shouldn’t depend on anything else external. It is the emotional state you are in no matter what the outside world looks like.



  1. Understand your emotions (click on the emotional guidance scale below) and the vibration each emotion has. Higher vibration means you are closer to happiness and joy.


  1. Everything in this Universe is a vibration, the same applies to our emotions and once we understand the Universal Law of Attraction, we will also understand that we create our own reality. We literally attract into our life situations, people and experiences that match the vibration we are emitting.


  1. Our thoughts are a result of our emotions (conscious and subconscious). Pay attention to your thoughts and start changing the way you talk to yourself and others. It takes vigilance and discipline to monitor your thoughts and words and to choose only positive words on any occasion, but the reward will be life changing. To see the below image enlarged, click on it.


  1. Take full responsibility for your life, for your choices and know that in any given moment you have the power to change your situation. Sometimes it takes longer and requires more baby steps, other times we can do it with a one big leap. Be patient and kind to yourself.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people, inspirational words, books, crystals and other things that inspire and empower you, which will help you discover the happiness inside you.


  1. Sometimes we do need an extra help, clarity and/or healing to shift stuck and supressed emotions. Listen to your gut feeling and follow it.


Every individual experiences their happiness in a different way, but there is one common thing amongst all the happy people – when we are truly happy, we are free. And when we are free – when we really feel free, we feel invincible, we feel creative, we feel we can do anything that makes our heart sing, and our life just falls into place, filled with synchronicities and miracles that are of our own creation.


The Blue Budha