How To Enchant Your Jewellery in 5 Simple Steps

We all need a little more magic in our everyday life.

Did you know that you can simply program all your favourite objects and amplify their meanings and energy? This simple jewellery enchantment can help you to be more focused on your goals and intentions and it’s an enjoyable way to bond with your beautiful jewellery pieces.

How to enchant your jewellery – simple charm – 5 easy steps

  1. Decide on an intention that you’d like your piece of jewellery to attain. Something like health, protection, prosperity, love, psychic powers, a new friendship, etc. Consider that each gemstone, crystal, metal, and symbol all have their own meaning and you can easily research it with one of our resource books available at stores or webstore
  2. Choose a day that you feel good about making your charm. Ensure that you cleanse your space, pick a quiet time, and make sure you won’t be disturbed for a while. This will be your time to contemplate and self-reflect. You might like to have a bath using a Ritual Bath Crystal blend to prepare and enhance your mind, body and spirit. You can also cast a circle or visualize a sacred safe space that you’re creating around you. Burning a candle, listening to soothing music, or chanting a mantra can be a great tool to elevate your vibrations and raise energy.
  3. Get comfortable and commence meditating with your chosen piece of jewellery and focus on your intention. Hold your chosen piece of jewellery in your hands and visualise that your energy is pouring into it. You can visual your expected outcome as if it’s already occurred and focus on that image for as long as you can.
  4. Think of an affirmation that your chosen piece of jewellery will remind you of to charge your piece of jewellery with. Something simple and in the present-day tense. For example, ‘I see my beauty’, ‘I attract love’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am prosperous’, ‘I am blessed’.
  5. After charging your jewellery with the affirmation your enchantment is complete. You can now enjoy your enchanted piece of jewellery. Remember to continue to magnify and maintain the enchantment, by repeating your chosen affirmation every time you put on this piece of jewellery.

Written by The Gypsy Alchemist TM


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