How to strengthen your soul connection – Free seminar with Dianne Wilson (4th October, 2018, Fremantle)

Have you ever questioned and reflected upon whether in fact there is MORE to you and your purpose for being here?…Of course you have!

Are you interested, if not curious, in exploring the very REAL, but not necessarily, visible world of who you really are?

Are you interested in developing your natural psychic ability, in seeing auras, in looking at how our past (even other lifetimes) affect our present, in connecting with your guides…and so much more?

Then join Dianne at this free event!

About Dianne

Dianne is a Spiritual Development Facilitator and is Dolores Cannon trained in past life hypnotherapy, her great love for all things spiritual and her extensive study of philosophy means she takes her students through personal journeys of self discovery- creating a greater freedom, self confidence and clarity.

Where: The Blue Budha Fremantle (Manning Arcade)

When: Thursday, 4th October 2018, 6.15pm until 7.15pm

Cost: Free, but booking is essential. Limited spots! Bookings available at our webstore

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