I Have Just Watched ‘The Power of the Heart’ movie

As I am writing this, my eyes are still red and my cheeks are still wet from tears rolling down my face non-stop for oven an hour. I’m surrounded by used tissues and a bit stunned by what I’ve just seen and experienced, but the feeling in my chest, in my heart is amazing! It feels so light and free!

I have just watched The Power of the Heart movie.

I was pretty much expecting this to be just a confirmation of what I already knew about my heart…. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Yes, the movie did confirm a lot of things for me, but it has also hit me right into my heart. Literally! Some of the information was so mind-blowing and some of the messages in the movie were so powerful that I had no choice but to open up and surrender. And then the tears started rolling down my face… Not because I was sad. They were tears of “coming home”, tears of surrendering, tears of letting go of the wall around my heart. It felt so good, so amazing… I feel like I’ve just been reborn.

I will not go into the details of this movie, because I wouldn’t want to ruin this powerful experience for anyone.

I am sure every person will have her/his own unique experience watching this powerful movie.  My advice is: if you feel like you can’t totally relax and surrender with the audience around you, watch it alone and undisturbed, so that you can too allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to what this movie may trigger and heal in you.

Something really huge might shift in you watching this… You will know if it does, because you will feel it.


I’m ready now to watch this movie again.




Alja from The Blue Budha Family


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