Organ Body Clock

In traditional Chinese medicine there’s a theory that each organ is related to specific times on the clock when they are functioning optimally and hold the most energy.

Each of our organs/energetic meridians have a time frame that tells us when we should be sleeping and awake. If you are wondering when it is the best time for a meal, exercise or work, here are some ideas:

  • 7-9am is the time of the Stomach so it is important to eat the biggest meal of the day here to optimise digestion and absorption.
  • 9-11am is the time of the Pancreas and Spleen, where enzymes are released to help digest food and release energy for the day ahead. This is the ideal time to exercise.
  • 11am-1pm is the time of the Heart which will work to pump nutrients around the body to help provide you with energy and nutrition. This is also a good time to eat a light lunch.
  • 5-7pm is the time of the Kidneys when the blood is filtered and the kidneys work to maintain proper chemical balance. This is the perfect time to have dinner.(

According to Chinese medicine it is important to go to sleep at between 9 to 10 pm so our internal organs that are working during that period can provide the energy we need for the next day. Of course in the western world it is hard for most of us to follow the directions of this clock. Most importantly you should get between 6-8 hours of sleep so your body can fuel up in Qi for the next day.


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