Banjara Incense Sticks Ethno Tribal Mayan Myrrh – 15g

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Banjara Incense is a traditional incense brand with emphasis on pure and natural ingredients. Use these incense sticks for purification, meditation, rituals, and prayers.

Ethno-Tribal Smudge Incense

100% Natural

Long lasting slow burn.

Myrrh in addition to its pleasant, warm, and earthy scent, may also have several health benefits. Studies suggest that it may help kill harmful bacteria, parasites, and other microbes. It may also support health, help ease pain and stress. In some magical traditions, myrrh is incorporated into workings to break hexes and curses, or for protection against magical and psychic attack.

10 incense sticks in a packet

Price per one packet


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Banjara Incense Sticks Ethno Tribal Mayan Myrrh – 15g

10 in stock

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