47cm Blue Topaz Necklace – Sterling Silver

$103.95 incl. GST

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47cm Blue Topaz Necklace – Sterling Silver

$103.95 incl. GST

Topaz is associated with love and friendship. The meaning of this stone is compassion, empathy, and kindness. Topaz is said to be able to make you more receptive to the feelings of others while protecting you from the emotional weight or damage of the negative emotions you may encounter.

Blue topaz is associated especially with the throat chakra since it shares the same color. This is the chakra of self expression and alignment with the divine. Self-expression is a key component in relationships, so blue topaz is a good stone to wear or use if you have difficulties expressing yourself in your romantic relationships or your platonic friendships.

There are two parts to communicating, listening and sharing. Topaz helps you to do both.

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CHAKRA: throat

Sterling Silver

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Size: 18.5 inches / 47cm

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