Crystal RX by Colleen McCann

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Tap into your Soul GPS with Crystal RX by Colleen McCann, an essential guide to the healing power of crystals, from their ancient origins to their modern-day applications.

Since the dawn of time, people have been drawn to gemstones, using them in burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual attunement, and as adornment reflecting wealth, power, beliefs or societal roles.

For millennia, crystals have been believed to restore and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium.  So what does all this woo woo juju mean – and how do crystals work?

Offering insight and clear directions for harnessing the power of these magical minerals. In this down-to-earth, beautifully illustrated guide you’ll discover:

  • The Top 20 Crystals every girl needs in her arsenal.
  • Crystal care – Keep your crystals shiny, clean & energetically healthy.
  • Building a bespoke altar for Love, Prosperity, or Career Success.
  • What’s a Medicine Bag and how to curate your own.
  • The Crystal Business – Inspiration from industry leaders in beauty, technology, fashion, food, agriculture, and music who are making this ancient practice a part of modern life.
  • and much more.

Packed with gorgeous images, Crystal Rx is the sophisticated handbook every girl needs to guide her on her spiritual journey.

Crystal Rx by Colleen McCann book cover
Crystal RX by Colleen McCann

1 in stock

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