Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet

$10.95 incl. GST

Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet

Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet
with Lava beads and a crystal and Essential Oil Atomiser
Lightly spray Lava Beads with the Atomiser.
Bead size approx. 5mm
Available options:
Rose Quartz – Romance (80% Olive Oil, 10% Lavender Oil, 10% Orange Oil)
Clear Quartz – Energising (80% Olive Oil, 7% Grapefruit Oil, 7% Bergamot Oil, 6% Peppermint Oil)
Amber – Breathe Easy (80% Olive Oil, 10% Peppermint Oil, 10% Eucalyptus Oil)
Amethyst – Stress Relief (80% Olive Oil, 10% Rosemary Oil, 10% Lavender Oil)

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Amber, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz

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