Rise Strong Mug

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Intrinsic Rise Strong Mug

Pour a little loveliness into your life with Intrinsic’s inspirational mugs and reusable coffee cups. Whether you’re a coffee, tea or chai lover, our collection of ceramic cups will add a dose of positivity to your cuppa thanks to Australian inspiration icon Adèle Basheer’s uplifting quotes.

Your morning cuppa comes with a shot of inspiration when drinking from an Intrinsic Rise Strong Mug.

Adorned with one of Adèle Basheer’s motivational quotes and embellished with real gold, you’re guaranteed an extra dose of happiness with every cup of tea, coffee, chai, or hot chocolate.

Whether taking a moment to yourself or squeezing in a caffeine hit, let the beautiful bohemian patterning, bold red hues + pops of blue and purple awaken your day.

Plus, your shiny new mug comes presented in a matching gift box – which we’ve cleverly adopted as our pen holders in the Intrinsic studio!

That’s enough from us, the kettle’s just boiled…


‘It’s your bravery that creates your brilliance’ – Adéle Basheer



We suggest hand washing your Intrinsic mug to keep it sparkling and bright! Can my mug go in the dishwasher? Your porcelain mug contains real gold that undergoes a high-temperature firing process. This means it's still relatively delicate and if it were scrubbed hard enough - or put in the dishwasher over and over - the gold will slowly lighten over time. So to keep it shining, wash it by hand! Can I pop my mug in the microwave? The real gold in this gem means that: nope! Keep this one clear from the microwave, as it may spark and that would bring a whole new meaning to Intrinsic’s products being ‘sparkly’! So to keep things safe, use a kettle to heat your favourite drink.
Rise Strong Mug
Rise Strong Mug

3 in stock

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