Kamini Fine Oriental Incense Sandalwood 25g

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Kamini Fine Oriental Incense Sandalwood 25g

Kamini Fine Oriental Sandawood incense sticks are luxurious, clean burning sticks delivering a rich and luscious aromatic experience. These fine Japanese style incense sticks are made with aromatic woods and dipped in quality perfume oils and attars.  No bamboo sticks are used in the manufacturing.

Sandalwood is known to aid in reducing tension and to have an overall calming, mellowing effect, as well as aphrodesiac qualities.

  • 10 sticks per pack
  • Approx. 35 minutes burning time per stick
  • Each box comes with a small ceramic incense burner
  • Made in India


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Oil / Fragrance


Kamini Oriental Incense
Kamini Fine Oriental Incense Sandalwood 25g

6 in stock

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