Tektite Gemstone Tumbled

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Tektite Gemstone Tumbled

The word ‘Tektite’ is from the Greek tektos, meaning “molten”. Tektites are formed when a large meteorite strikes the Earth.

Meditation with a tektite can increase telepathy. Carry tektite for heightened psychic sensitivity, psychic travel, increase energy field, open and clear the lower chakras.

Tektite bridges physical reality with spiritual reality, raises consciousness to highest vibrational levels, stimulates direct soul conscious communication and the experience of everything and nothing.

Tektite facilitates the experience of light, eternal existence and of going home. Tektite is a teacher for the New Age, and keeper of untold potential.

Chakra: All, especially Base and Third Eye

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The size, shape and colour may vary due to the nature of genuine gemstones. The one that comes to you, is the one that has been attracted to you!