How to stop repeating the same pattern relationships?

Most of us have been there, where at some point in our life, we realised that we are continuously attracting people who bring up deep-seated traumatic emotions in us.

No mater how many partners, work places or friends we have changed, we end up feeling the same way. These are really strong feelings with “heavy” vibrations. We might be feeling powerless, unloved, unsupported, betrayed, unsafe…

The challenge is to find that deep-seated (primary) feeling as it is usually covered up with our anger. Anger is never the primary feeling. There is always a reason (something “deeper”) for the feelings of anger to arise.

The good news is that we can always follow the emotion, which will eventually lead us to the primary traumatic feeling. Once it is found, we need to acknowledge it and then release it.

There are various ways how to do that. One is by breathing it out with your intention and visualisation of this feeling leaving your body on all levels and throughout all times (usually the cause of these emotions is an traumatic event that has occurred in our childhood or generations ago, or even in one of your past lives). Then go into your heart and forgive yourself and anyone who has ever hurt you and release the particular emotion and also send love to yourself and everyone involved in the creation the original traumatic event.

Once the particular emotion(s) is cleared out of your energy and your physical body, you will start noticing the changes in how people respond and treat you. Your vibration will shift and so will your reality.

Many people are starting to discover how our energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies are actually really one whole body, totally connected on all levels. The physical body is the last stage where the imbalances in our other bodies start to show. It is literally when our body is saying and showing us where the attention and healing is needed urgently.

let things go

There are some wonderful books available to help us to really understand what our body is telling us and how to heal it. Some of these books are: You can Heal Your Life, The Body is the Barometer of Your Soul, The Secret Language of Your Body and Your Body Speaks Your Mind.

When working on releasing a trauma and a stuck emotion from any part of our body, using gemstones can be of a great benefit. To choose the right gemstone “for the job”, use your intuition, your gut feeling…. Let your mind rest and just see what gemstones you are drawn to. There is always a reason, why we choose a particular stone.

Enjoy the healing journey and discovering all the fascinating parts of your being!


The Blue Budha

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