Tarot vs. Oracle Cards

When people are guided to start using cards as a tool of communication with their guides or the Spirit, they are often unsure whether to begin with Oracle or Tarot cards.

We always recommend to listen to your gut feeling, your intuition. The best way to find the card deck for yourself is to look at the decks in front of you, either while visiting our store or on our webstore and notice which one draws you in, which one has caught your eye, so to speak.

If you are buying a card deck for someone else, then keep that person in mind while you are looking at the card decks and you will be drawn to the one that is meant for the person you are buying for.

What is the main difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

  • Tarot cards follow more of a set structure, with specific card layouts and usually 78 cards in a tarot deck (especially in the traditional tarot decks)
  • Oracles have no set number of cards and use very simple card layouts
  • Tarot tends to be more straightforward and to the point in its message and it takes time to really learn and understand it
  • Oracle cards are less structured and more suited to lend word of advice, to give us guidance and insight into the situation we are enquiring about. They are open to many more levels of interpretation that the strict rules of Tarot don’t allow

You can also use both, Tarot and Oracle cards. In this case it is probably the best to start the card reading by drawing an Oracle card, which will give you a general feeling and a theme of the situation. If you are guided to draw more than one Oracle card, please do so.

Once you get the general message and the feeling from the Oracle cards, then do the Tarot cards spread about this particular situation, which can help you explain in more detail what is going on.

To get the complete picture, you may wish to use oracle cards again at the end of the reading, asking for advice or guidance about this situation.


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