The Challenge of Making “The Right Choice”

There are times (and cycles) in our life when we are presented with an opportunity (or a challenge) to make a decision between two or more options available to us in the same time frame.


For example, we have been applying for different jobs and all of a sudden we got accepted at two places. After the initial excitement subsides, we are faced with our power of choice. A lot of us then start to think which way to go, what would be the best choice and even when they finally make the choice, still wondering, what if I’d have chosen the other option….

So, what can we do to help us to make the right decision for ourselves in a certain situation when presented with multiple options?

Use your gut feeling and your heart. This is easier to be said than done, most of us would say. Well, maybe not.

Let’s say you have been offered two very similar jobs and now you are not sure which one to take.

Find a quiet space with a clear energy (space cleansing spray is a great way to quickly clear the energy of the room), where you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes and then try to relax and empty your mind as much as you can. Focus on the sound of your breathing for a couple of minutes, which will help you to quieten the mind chatter.

Once you feel relaxed, start visualising yourself (seeing in your mind’s eye) working at the “Option 1” company. You don’t need to know how the interior looks like the only important info that you need to focus on is the name of the company. Picture yourself there and then place your intention on how does this feel in your body. Do you feel extremely excited, do you feel nervous and you have this strong knot in your stomach, or maybe you feel calm, almost feeling nothing. It feels ok, but not excited or nervous.

Once you have determined the emotion associated with the “Option 1”, repeat the process for the “Option 2” company.

At the end of this process you will probably already know, which option is better for you. Yes, you have guessed it, it’s the one that made you feel calm.

Sometimes both of them will make you feel the same, which is ok. Then do a little bit more of tuning into yourself and into what your true desire is. What really makes you happy and fulfilled.


This technique can be used for many scenarios in our life. Even when we are presented with one option only and not completely sure what to do, go within. Feel it. We are all psychic, we all have the ability to feel the vibes, to tune into people, situations, time. Don’t let your mind get in the way and dictate what you should or shouldn’t… Listen to you emotions, and to how your body feels.

If you wish to understand your body even more, check out one of the most amazing books out there called The Secret Language of your Body. It really is an incredible book that will potentially transform your life.

Feel excited and empowered about the freedom of choice here and now, and the power of creating your own reality. Look at your beliefs and let go of any that don’t fully support you and your life path at this stage.

It is not going to be easy, bit it will be worth it!


The Blue Budha

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