The Fifth (Throat) Chakra – Our Communication Centre

Our fifth chakra is located in our throat area. The colour representing the Throat Chakra is light blue.

db_file_img_1888_450xautoThe Throat chakra is the gate of our communication, our voice. Our throat chakra represents the expression of our truth, beliefs and opinions. The biggest challenge for us here and now is to speak the truth from our hearts, no matter what. Some people might say, that’s easy, but in everyday life it is not so easy.

Think about your time at home, at work, out shopping… Do you always speak your truth? Do you always speak up for yourself? Most of us don’t. And that’s not because we are dishonest, but because we have been punished or ridiculed so many times before for speaking up, for speaking our truth. And every time we hold ourselves back and block our communication from our heart, our Throat chakra becomes weaker. We become shy, afraid to speak up and to express ourselves. This blocks our creativity, our self-love and our decision making. One of the signs of an unbalanced throat chakra are problems with our throat, like constant throat infections, problems with thyroid gland and teeth.

When our Throat chakra is balanced, we freely express our truth, we feel inspired to communicate and speak up for ourselves. We feel encouraged to share and teach our ideas through speaking, writing, singing or any other forms of art. We are not afraid to express out loud what we feel is right for us and what we need.

What can we do to balance and strengthen our Throat Chakra:

–       Sing! Sing in the shower, in the car, whenever you can.

–       Share your truth and opinions on the Internet. Write or comment on posts, blogs etc. regarding the topics that are close to your heart. Communicate in a kind and understanding matter.

–       Wear blue gemstones like: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite.

–       Write a diary and express everything that you were holding back that day or week for whatever reason. Let it all out.

–       Read The Four Agreements book

Always communicate from your heart. Be kind and understanding. When we communicate from our truth, people feel it and respect it more, even if they might not agree with it. But the kind words that are coming from our heart are more likely to be heard and honoured.



The Blue Budha




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