The Fourth (Heart) Chakra ‚- Our Love Centre

The Fourth Chakra is also called Heart Chakra and as the name suggests, it is located around our heart area, in the middle of our chest. This is the only chakra that is represented by two colours: green and pink.

db_file_img_1879_450xautoOur Heart Chakra is located in the middle of our major seven chakras, between lower chakras and higher chakras and the symbol representing it is Merkaba, some might call it Star of David etc. The meaning of this symbol is the perfect balance between male and female energy. The unity. Oneness. And that what our Heart Chakra is all about in its essence. It is the centre of our self-love and unconditional love, and it is also the most powerful manifestation tool we have.

On the other hand, our Heart Chakra is where we feel vulnerable the most. Most of us have been heartbroken before and the pain is excruciating. The most important is when this happens, to heal our emotional wounds, but not to shut down and close our Heart Chakra.

When our Heart Chakra is out of balance we might feel unloved, inferior, anxious, lonely and emotionally disconnected.

To balance and heal your Heart Chakra it is important to start with yourself. Do you really love who you are? Do you love your own company? Do you love and recognise how unique and amazing you are? If you don’t, how can you expect of someone else to??

There are many ways of healing/balancing our Heart Chakra. Here are just a few very effective and easy ways to do it:

–       Watch your thoughts and how you talk to yourself. Start consciously choosing positive and loving words.

–       Spend a few hours a week outdoors, surrounded by the green colour of trees and grass.

–       Start gardening or put some pot plants around your home.

–       Read an amazing book on self-love ‘You Were Not Born to Suffer’

–       Watch a few times potentially life changing DVD called ‘The Power of the Heart’

–       Work with powerful heart gemstones like: Rhodocrosite, Chrysoprase, Unakite or Strawberry Quartz.

–       Try to avoid and listen to negative media and find the information that you are interested in, that makes you feel positive and inspired.


Don’t be afraid to have an open Heart Chakra. Visualise it as a powerful vortex that is drawing towards you all that your heart desires and requires, so that you can fulfil your life mission here on this planet.

Remember: “You can always question what you think, but you can’t question what you feel.” – Kassandra.

That is why we always hear ‘Follow your Heart’. And we should follow it, because that is where our Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge and Love are.




The Blue Budha

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