The Healing Power of Water

Have you ever stopped and paid a real attention to water? There is nothing else so amazing on this planet as water. No living organism can survive without water. The water has no shape, yet it takes on any shape. It can also be liquid, solid or gaseous.

But what we (unfortunately) don’t learn at school and not many people on this planet know yet is that water can be programmed and that water entangles with human consciousness and emotion.

A well known Japanese scientist and author, Masaru Emoto has proven that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. This was a major discovery and a massive game changer in many people’s lives who became aware of it.

Our bodies are made of over 70% of water. It is not just the water we drink and the food that we eat that affect our health and wellbeing. Our self-talk, our belief system has a huge part of it.

It has been proven that positive words, positive belief system, beautiful sounds change the shape of water crystals. Can you imagine what that means for your own health?! One of the most eye opening experiments was the so-called the Rice Experiment. Check out this amazing video:


The water can then be programmed by words, consciousness, sound, energy and that is why crystals that are put directly into the water bottle or jug, or next to it can be used to program our water. The best/safest crystals to use in your water are the crystals from the Quartz family (i.e. Clear QuartzRose QuartzCitrineAmethystSmoky Quartz…) as they don’t dissolve or fall apart in the water. For others, it’s better to keep them beside your water bottle or jug. It is also recommended to filter the tap water.

How amazing and easy it is that by drinking programmed water with positive and high vibrations, we are automatically programming ourselves with these frequencies.

Now all we need to be mindful of is our negative self-talk. Every time you find yourself talking badly to yourself or thinking negative thoughts about yourself, just say in your mind “I cancel that” and then say or think something positive about yourself. Even the most “innocent” words like “I’m so stupid!” have a negative impact on the molecular structure of water in our body.

It only takes a short period of time for us to take on the habit of positive self-talk, so be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of discovering a positive and empowered side of yourself.


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