The importance of smudging in everyday life

The ritual of smudging or cleansing has been present on this planet since prehistoric era and it is very much “alive” still today.

Smudging – burning particular herbs, resin or wood for clearing and cleansing energy for spiritual or medicinal purposes has been used in many indigenous cultures around the world. These days (in so called modern culture) we use smudging predominately to:

  • Cleanse our home/work space of any lower, old and unwanted energy
  • Cleanse our auric field, crystals and ceremonial tools
  • Relax and open up our energy before healing and/or meditation
  • To clear and cleanse our psychic channels
  • To clear our thoughts and emotions
  • Activate and cleanse our Dreamcatcher


Most of us weren’t aware of that it has been scientifically proven that smudging – medicinal smoke – reduces airborne bacteria! This is fantastic news because we now know that smudging may be one of the most powerful antiseptic technologies ever discovered. And it is completely natural and harm free. This remarkable study “Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria,” was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology and has definitely had a very positive impact on how the modern world perceives smudging.

Although we can use a variety of herbs and resin for smudging, the most common and very effective one is good old White Sage smudge stick. Burning White Sage not only cleanses our energy, it also helps us gain clarity and spiritual awareness. To achieve that we should be smudging ourselves and our home (and work) environment at least once per week. For those who are working with a lot of people, especially healers and psychic readers, the smudging should be on your list of priorities every single day.

Smudging is a beautiful, relaxing and easy ritual. It shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a special time when you feel connected and open to your higher self, your guides, the planet… To make the experience even more profound, just before you start smudging, call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to assist you with clearing and cleansing the energy while you are smudging.

Once you have finished remember to open all the doors and windows for a few minutes and let the old energy leave. When all that has been done, it is time to light up your favourite incense.


The Blue Budha

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