The Meaning of the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy

Did you know we all use and work with the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy, no matter what gender we are?

When looking at our chakras (energy wheels), the bottom 3 chakras represent the  Divine Masculine energy and the top 3 chakras represent the Divine Feminine energy. What is very interesting, is that the middle chakra – The Heart Chakra – represents both. In fact, the Heart Chakra is a perfect balance of both masculine and feminine energies, which represents the unity consciousness.

To support and balance both, feminine and masculine energy in your body, you can use crystals, essential oils, meditation, visualisation, energy work….

A lot of people love working with crystals and this list might help you to find some you resonate with:

There are many other crystals out there, the ones mentioned above are some of the most popular ones.

There are also crystals who have both, feminine and masculine energy in them and beautiful Larimar is one of them.

If you prefer using essential oils, this list might be helpful:

As mentioned above, the Heart Chakra represents the perfect balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. The Heart Chakra symbol is a Star Tetrahedron. The Star Tetrahedron is the energetic and geometric representation of the human body, male and female, heaven and earth, also called the Merkaba. Merkaba is an Egyptian word and it can be broken down to understand the concept more clearly. The word ‘Mer’ is translated into ‘Light’, ‘Ka’ refers to the spirit, while ‘Ba’ refers to the body or physical being.

The Masculine energy is also represented as the elements of fire and air, while the Feminine energy is represented as the elements of earth and water.

The Masculine energy moves like a laser, while the feminine energy moves more like a ripple through the water. Both together can manifest wonderful things, that is why it is essential to nurture both of them in your life, no matter what gender you are.

We can find many other symbols and representations of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energy around the world and how they also work together in a perfect harmony. Some of the most well-known are: Sun & Moon, Ying & Yang, Silver & Gold.

To boost our creativity and manifestation ability it is important we consciously work with both. The feminine energy works with inspiration, guidance, ideas… The masculine energy supports us with action, getting things done, manifesting our ideas into the physical reality.


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