The Principles of Manifesting

We all have our wishes and dreams. Some wishes are just in our head, and some are in our heart. We manifest the fastest if we follow our heart.

Based on the Universal Law of Attraction, we attract into our life things, situations, people that match our own vibration. Sometimes what we wish for and what we get or not get at all occurs because our desires are not in alignment with our vibration. For example, you would love to be in a relationship with a wonderful partner, that loves, respects and supports you, but this desire is not supported with your personal deep-seated belief about yourself due to past hurts and traumatic experiences from your childhood or even your past lives. It is always a good idea to look into the patterns that you are unwillingly repeating in your life and work on them.

Below are a few principles that might help you to manifest things that your heart desires a bit quicker:

  1. Believe in yourself. As mentioned above, look into the patterns that you are unwillingly repeating and then start consciously practicing the opposite. For example, if you are believing you are unlovable or unworthy, start visualising yourself in a situation you would love to manifest (create) in your life. You must add the emotion when you are visualising.
  2. Take action. Write down steps or ideas what you need to do physically to create the energy flow that will manifest things that your heart desires. You can write down small baby steps, so that they keep you motivated. Do something physically every day that is connected to creating things in your life you desire to create.
  3. Focus on the positive. It is normal that we doubt ourselves, and we have a blue day sometimes or have negative thoughts. It is important that we do not dwell on these. Find something that makes you happy and that will shift your energy. It could be something simple as a walk in the nature, a good heart to heart chat with your best friend or listening to your favourite music.
  4. Practice gratitude. This is the most important part of your manifesting. Remind yourself daily of at least 3 things that you are grateful for. It is even more powerful if we write them down in a gratitude journal and really feel the gratitude while writing. We must not repeat the same things we are grateful for every day.
  5. Work on your beliefs and upgrade yourself. You can use positive affirmations or read self-help books that teach you how to become a conscious creator.
  6. Stop forcing things to happen (trying too hard). This vibration will repel the things that you wish to manifest. Relax and have fun with your manifestation process.
  7. Mediate or do some breathing exercise daily.
  8. Use crystals that help with overcoming your own obstacles or emotional blockages. Some of the most powerful ones are: Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Tiger Eye and Rhodochrosite.


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