The Seventh (Crown) Chakra – Connection to Divine Mind or Spirit

Our Crown Chakra is located at the crown on the head. The colours representing  the Crown chakra are Violet or White.

Crown ChakraThe Crown Chakra is about spiritual knowing, empathy and selflessness. It is our connection with the Universal Energy, Conscience, our Higher Self, our Soul and our upper chakras (Eighth to Thirteenth Chakra). Through the Crown Chakra we can reach a higher state of awareness. When meditating we usually focus on our Crown chakra until the clear connection with our higher self is established. We also receive the messages from our Higher Self, our Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm etc. through our Crown Chakra.

A balanced Crown chakra is a doorway into our subconsciousness, where we can find our true nature and our gifts. This may help us to fulfil our highest potential. Meditation and/or yoga are perfect tools to keep your Door to your guidance open and clear.

When the Crown chakra is out of balance we might lack focus and attention. We might sometimes feel like we are “ spiritually blind and deaf” – we just don’t notice the signs or hear our inner voice, our guidance… This might lead to lack of joy, loss of self and melancholy.

A few simple ways to keep your Crown chakra balanced:

–       Practice regularly meditation and/or yoga (at least twice a week)

–       Chanting OM

–       Reduce the time in front of TV and/or computer

–       Enjoy the silence for at least 30 minutes per day (nature sounds like waves, birds, wind etc. are ok)

–       Burn pure essential oils like Lavender or Jasmine

–       Wear or place in your pillow case gemstones like Amethyst, Selenite  or Seraphinite.



The Blue Budha

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