The Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) ‚- Our Willpower, Personal Strength and Self Esteem

The Third Chakra, also called Solar Plexus is located where our stomach area is – midway between the navel and the base of the sternum. The colour representing it is yellow.

db_file_img_1853_450xautoThe Solar Plexus represents our “fire” that energises our mental and spiritual development. It is also where our “gut feelings/instincts” come from. We all know how it feels in our ”gut” – our Solar Plexus, when we intend to do something that is in conflict with our life-path or our belief  – it feels like a tightening sensation (a knot) in our stomach area. This is a clear signal from our Inner Voice, Inner Knowingness, to not take that step. But do we always listen? Probably not. And then the lessons come…

There is another strong sensation in our Solar Plexus that we have all experienced before – that fire, that burning sensation that is so strong in our stomach when we get angry.

As you can see the emotions are not felt only in our hearts, but also in other parts of our body and Solar Plexus is one of our strongest emotional guidance centres.

A balanced Third Chakra boosts our self-esteem. We feel content, joyful, calm and trust our guidance. We are also more confident in taking bold new steps in life and meet challenges. An open and balanced Solar Plexus is like our own personal Sun.

An unbalanced Third Chakra can lead to digestive and respiratory problems. When our Solar Plexus is blocked we often feel fearful, powerless, confused and have low-self esteem. Some people even go into the so called “victim mode”, which makes it literally impossible for them to move forward in life while they see themselves as powerless victims.

How to balance or strengthen your Solar Plexus:

–       Work with or wear yellow gemstones, such as: Citrine, Tiger Eye, Rutilated Quartz.

–       Eat more yellow coloured fruit and vegetables.

–       Sit in the sun for a few minutes and visualise your Solar Plexus opening up life a flower bud and getting recharged by the solar energy.

–       Place your hands on Solar Plexus area and say out loud at least once a day this Solar Plexus affirmation:

I can do whatever I will to do.

I honour the power within me.

I accomplish tasks effortlessly.

The fire within me burns through my fears.



The Blue Budha

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