The Use of Suncatcher Spheres

Suncatcher spheres are not only magically beautiful to look at, they are also very popular Feng Shui cure.

According to Feng Shui, these clear glass faceted balls may assist with life force energy (Chi) in our spaces.


If there is a sharp corner or a sharp object (it is called a poison arrow in Feng Shui) pointing at you, you can use a suncatcher sphere to soften the poison arrow energy by hanging it from your ceiling at 90-degree angle.


These beautiful suncatchers are multi-faceted which makes them a perfect tool for deflecting a negative energy (negative Chi) in our home or workplace. The best place for that is to hang the suncatcher sphere between the front door and back door, or stairs when in alignment. You can use this also in case your bed or desk is are in alignment with the room door.


Faceted glass suncatchers create beautiful rainbow sparkles when hit by a sunlight and because of that they attract positive energy (positive Chi), according to Feng Shui.

If you would like to attract abundance and wealth, hang one in your money corner of your home. According the classical Feng Shui, the wealth or money area is considered to be the southeast corner of your home or office space.

For attracting romance, you can hang one in the love corner of your home. The Feng Shui love corner is the area of your home against the back wall on the far right (when you’re standing at the entrance and looking in).

To attract more work, hang one in your office window.

Basically, hang one anywhere you wish to attract more positive energy (Chi) in your life, focusing on the most important ones only.

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