Time to move forward in life

“I have decided it is time to move forward in my life. To start really living the life again. To bring in the joy and love I deserve. To heal my emotional wounds and past hurts.” Sounds familiar? Yes, we’ve all been there. Probably more than once. Why? Because we tend to repeat our patters, until we heal, release, learn and let go of what we are used to having in our life and what feels familiar and is our comfort zone. What a weird expression is “comfort zone”. In truth it’s actually the zone that is holding us back. It is the zone where we stop challenging ourselves, moving forward boldly, believing in ourselves, believing that change is good, that change is exciting thing which brings in new energy, new ideas, new passion.


No matter what it is that is holding us back – usually is our low vibrational emotional baggage of past hurts, we always have the power to change our situation. Only we are responsible for our own life and we  have the power to change what we don’t like in it. How? Fist step is to start asking yourself  how do you REALLY feel. Are you happy with your life? Which part of your life is ready for a change or a challenge? What will make you feel alive and vibrant again? Only you can answer these questions. Yes, your friends and family members are always there for you and happy to always give you an advice, but most important is to listen to yourself. Listen to your heart. What is it really saying? Don’t listen to your mind  – listen to your heart.


To re-connect with your inner knowingness is easily done when you feel relaxed, at peace and open. One of the ways to achieve that is to have a nice long bath with no distractions. Put a few drops of Rose and Jasmine pure essential oil in the water (only if your skin is ok with that. Better pre-test it for any allergies). These two oils will help you to relax but also work on your heart chakra.  Relax in the bath and listen to your emotions. Don’t try to supress them. Let them out. Let the tears flow if they need too. Release and let go. The water is a great cleanser and emotional balancer. It is also a fantastic conduit of psychic energy, so that’s why we get inspired so easily when we are close to the water and relaxed.  Breathe. You can also put some Rose Quartz crystals in the bath and light some candles.


Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well it is and it works if we are open to it. Gift yourself this precious time on regular basis and start noticing the wonderful changes in your life. Open your heart and invite love in.




The Blue Budha

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