Tips on manifesting wonderful things in your life

Most of us already know that each person is responsible for creating /manifesting things and experiences his/her own life.

The more we are aware of what is happening in our life and listening to our own inner voice our heart intelligence, the easier is to manifest what we really desire and require in our life. Here are a few quick tips that can be very helpful with your manifestation process:

– Be honest with yourself. This means to look at your life without “wearing your rose coloured glasses” and be brutally honest with yourself in terms of what is not working for you anymore, where you might be stuck, what part of your life doesn’t make you feel alive anymore etc.

– Create a very clear picture in your mind of what it is that you would like to manifest (change, heal, transform…) in your life. The clearer the picture, the faster the manifestation process will be.

– Add emotions, to your picture. This is very important. Our emotions have a stronger vibration than your thoughts. For example, when visualising your new situation in your life, don’t just see it in your mind’s eye. Feel it as well! Feel with all your heart the joy, the passion, the excitement of already experiencing this what you are visualising.

– Talk to your spirit guides, angels, fairies – whoever you are working with energetically and spiritually. Speak to them about your wishes and desires.

– When visualising, see and feel the situation like it’s already created, like it’s already in your life now.

– Feel the gratitude and count your blessings daily.

– Ground your energy. There are many ways how to ground your energy. For example you can do it by wearing grounding gemstones (base chakra gemstones) or just simply apply Vetiver pure essential oil on the soles of your feet every morning.

– Notice the signs and the synchronicity of the events.

– Be open to receive (guidance, divine intervention, information, help, gifts…).

– Let go of control and trust.

– Follow your heart.




The Blue Budha


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