We are moving into the Unity Consciousness. Are you ready?

For the last few of years we have been hearing a lot about the 5th Dimension / Unity Consciousness, but still a lot of people are unsure what is happening and what they can do to be in the harmony with Mother Earth who has already shifted into the 5th Dimension.

What is the 5th Dimension – Unity Consciousness? 

Trying to explain it as simple as possible, we can say that Unity Consciousness is about going into our Heart. It is about FEELING and KNOWING. There is no duality in the 5th Dimension. There’s oneness and Love. The darkness does not coexist with the light in the Unity Consciousness. Only Love. Love has no opposite. It is not true what they say that fear is the opposite of love. Love has NO opposite, love just IS. Moving into the Unity Consciousness is about opening our hearts and going within. It’s about Love, the real love, not the love that they have been trying to “sell” us for thousands of years on this planet. It starts with loving yourself and seeing the spark of life and miracle in every being. Not only in human beings, but also in animals, plants, clouds, rivers, oceans, rocks…. The bottom line is we are all interconnected, and the more we go into our heart and follow it, the less possible it will become for us to do things that are harming others or the planet. 


What can we do to shift our consciousness into Unity Consciousness?

Like it or not, the planet is moving into Unity Consciousness. It is a natural evolution of the planet and it has been coming for a long long time. We can resist it, ignore it, or make our lives much more beautiful by going with the flow. We are being nudged, inspired, sometimes even pushed to change our lives or part of them, to change our thinking and to be more in the “now” and more aware and mindful.

A lot of negative things are becoming exposed which can be shocking but it is also good as we can see clearly that things are changing. It is important to stay in our hearts and not engage and give energy to lower frequencies. Just send love and healing. Reducing time watching and listening to the mainstream media will help you stay in your heart. Connect with what makes your heart sing instead. If you feel the push to change your diet, follow it. Do more research if you need to, but don’t ignore your inner knowingness, the gentle nudges from your guides and your soul. 

heart and mind

Another very important thing is to give your energy a clear line of direction. Remember, if you don’t use your energy for yourself, someone else will to further themselves. 

You can start your day with the following statement: “It is my intention to be in the vibration of love today. To see, hear, speak and feel only love. It is my intention to be guided by my intuition and connect with people that enhance my life today.”

And for those who are doing any kind of a physical exercise (when exercising we generate heaps of energy that usually goes unused by ourselves), use this extra energy to create something wonderful in your life. Before you start with the exercise state in you mind what you would like to use this energy for. For example: “I use the energy that I have generated in today’s exercise to create my safety and security (a new job, a particular income, a new home…).” Make sure you are clear about your intention and stick to it until it to manifests in your life. It takes time to build up the energy, be patient.

To be able to fully open our heart we also need to heal any past hurts, resentment, anger and to forgive. Most of us still have issues with forgiving. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, condoning or excusing offences. Forgiveness is a conscious decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless or whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. When you forgive, you set yourself free.


To heal your heart and to release and let go of all those stuck low frequency emotions in your body, you can always choose to work with gemstones like Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Apache Tears, Lepidolite or any other gemstones you are drawn to.

If you like using essential oils, go for one of the most amazing heart ones is Rose oil. If you wish to work on self-love, Bergamot oil is the perfect choice for that. 

Last but not least. We have mentioned these two heart openers before (both available at our stores), but they are so amazing, we would like to suggest them again for all those people who are on their path to Unity Consciousness:

  • An amazing and life transforming book and audio book by Blake Bauer, You Were Not Born To Suffer
  • An inspirational movie/documentary that will make you watch it not only with your eyes, but also with your heart and really feel it: The Power of the Heart 

Remember to follow your heart. Always. Your heart is the most powerful manifestation and guidance tool. You can always question what you think, but you can never question how you feel.


The Blue Budha

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