What’s My Life Purpose?

Why am I here? What should I be doing in this life? What’s my life purpose? These are the questions most of us have asked more than once in our life…

How to find your life purpose?

If you are expecting someone to show up and literally tell you what’s your life purpose and what you should be doing, you might be waiting for a very long time… This is for each of us to discover for ourselves. Not because it is so mystical and hidden, but because we came into this life with many talents. Some stronger than others, which sometimes other people can recognise and pick up on more easily than we do for ourselves due to our lack of confidence, self-love, self-worth, personal power etc.

If you are not sure what your life purpose is, look at what your talents are. What are you good at? Not sure? Look at your hobbies, if you’ve got any. Your hobby might not be directly linked to your life purpose, but it can be quite a clear indicator of what you are good at, what makes your heart sing, what you feel passionate about.

Your life purpose is often linked closely to your career. If you start looking at your talents then the whole repertoire of options and ideas may open up for you. The fundamental idea of the whole “life purpose thing” is to do what you love in this life.

For example, you know you are good with communication. You like to chat to people, you like to read and write, maybe even paint or sing (yes, art is a form of communication as well). So, now you can look at in what area you would like to utilise your talents. You can use your communication skills as a teacher/facilitator, sales person, writer, singer… How to choose which one is the right one? Easy. Which one makes your heart sing? What career would give you that “yeah!” feeling? Don’t focus on the money, focus on your passion. When you follow your passion the money will follow you anyway.

For those of us, who like to work with our helpers from the Spirit Realm, here is a “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” prayer by Doreen Virtue from her book Archangels and Ascended Masters:

“Archangel Michael . . . Jesus . . . Saint-Germain . . . and Vywamus . . . you can see what is the best next step for me to take.

I need to hear, feel, and see this information clearly. I need to have faith in taking this next step. I need to feel courage and excitement about this next step. Thank you for supplying me with information, encouragement, and motivation.

Archangel Chamuel . . . Brigit . . . Saint Francis . . . Thoth . . . and my higher self . . . beloved and Divine teammates in my life purpose, I am grateful for your clear guidance about my life purpose. I am grateful because I truly believe that I deserve happiness, success, and abundance. I am grateful to know that I am worthy of receiving your help and support. Thank you, God. Thank you, divinities. Thank you all.”



The Blue Budha

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