Tumbled Stone – Blue Tiger Eye

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Blue Tiger Eye Tumbled
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The size, shape and colour may vary due to the nature of genuine gemstones. The one that comes to you, is the one that has been attracted to you!

Also known as Hawks Eye, this stone may help to see daily life in perspective, with a broader vision of life as a whole it is also good for communication.

Blue Tigers Eye is a highly soothing stone that may reduce your stress, ease your anxieties, and increase your calm and relaxation.

This stone has the ability to make you see the issues that might have been hard to see otherwise. It may give insight to your internal struggles and emotional issues.

It may open your aura, unload what’s in your heart, and clear your thoughts so that you will be ready to accept universal truths.

Chakra: Throat, Third-Eye

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121868 Blue Tiger Eye - Tumbled Stone
Tumbled Stone – Blue Tiger Eye

3 in stock

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