Chinese Feng Shui Coin

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Feng Shui Coin

The currency of ancient China, Chinese Feng Shui coins, represents wealth and abundance. In Chinese symbols of good fortune, these coins are on the top 8 items of the list, including stone chime, mirror, book, rhinoceros horn, lozenge, pearl, and leaf. All these symbols are touted to bring good fortune to a person’s life and increase the ‘Qi’ (positive energy) around them for an overall fulfilled and happy life.

Chinese Feng Shui coins can be combined with other Feng Shui symbols like the frog or the book to amplify the magnitude of prosperity and wellness. The Feng Shui money frog is particularly popular when talking of using it with Chinese coins Feng Shui.

  • Approx 2.4cm diameter
  • Sold individually

How To Use Chinese Feng Shui Coins To Attract Wealth?

You can use the Chinese coins Feng Shui to activate the wealth area of your house. As soon as you enter the house, the far left corner is wealth-related. According to the use of a compass, the wealth area of the house is in the South-East direction.

Hang Feng Shui Coins On The Front Door

A very important area in your house to bring abundance and good luck, the front door is where the energy flows. Placing Chinese Feng Shui coins near the front door can attract wealth and money into your home.

There are wind chimes available in the market with Chinese coins Feng Shui that can be used as the perfect replacement for simple coins to be hung outside the front door of your house.

Career Prosperity With Feng Shui Coins

The area at home where you work is the career zone. Other than that, the desk at which you work is also the place that can be defined as the career zone. Therefore, to bring good luck and prosperity to this part of your life, you should add Chinese Feng Shui coins here. Ideally, a set of 10 coins in either red or yellow string work best to bring about career abundance and fulfilment.

IMG_7963 | The Blue Budha
Chinese Feng Shui Coin

48 in stock

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