Gemstone Chip Bracelet – Amethyst

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Amethyst bracelet on a stretchy elastic string

Amethyst gemstone is a beautiful and beneficial stone to place in any part of your home. Its powerful properties are both protective and healing. It is found in a large number of locations across the planet, and in every hue of purple from soft pink and lavender to the deepest stunning purple.

Like other Quartz it has a strong amplifying energy and ideal working with the Crown and Star Chakras. It has a strong psychic protection vibration and is one of the best stones for meditation and psychic communication.

Amethyst is an amazing healing crystal and Amy help with deep sadness and grief. It may also assist in the letting go of anger, fear and anxiety and so is an asset for those wanting to begin on a spiritual path of learning and development.

There are many ways to get the benefits from the amazing Gift of the earth but as it makes the most stunning and pleasing jewellery, wearing it in this way is the best way to keeps its incredibly beneficial energy close to you.

Although Amethyst stimulates the intellect it may also calms the emotions so it pairs well with other Heart Chakra crystals.
Amethyst works well with Apatite and Angelite when using for Angelic or Spirit connection.

CHAKRA: crown

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Gemstone Chip Bracelet – Amethyst

1 in stock

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