Satya Mystic Yoga Incense 15g

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Satya Incense fragrances are an essential for all holistic healing and wiccan supplies cupboards.

Enjoy this stunning handcrafted product from India during Meditation, Holistic Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Spell Casting, Rituals or exercises of Spiritual Journey and Enlightenment.

A fragrant blend of rich Indian spices and exotic floral essences come together to refresh the spirit.

Hand-rolled in India from a blend of flowers, spices, gums and resins.

  • Brand: Satya
  • Scent: Mystic Yoga
  • Size: 15g/12 sticks per packet


mysticyoga | The Blue Budha
Satya Mystic Yoga Incense 15g

10 in stock

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