Air Element Dragon Egg with Stand 10.5cm

$59.99 incl. GST

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Air Element Dragon Egg with Stand

Our Air Element Dragon Egg with Stand is a breath-taking figurine that captures the heart-warming moment of a baby dragon. Each sculpture is handcrafted from quality resin, ensuring that the intricate details of their majestic wings and scales are portrayed with the utmost care. This Earth Element Dragon Egg figurine is an enchanting addition to any home or office, sure to inspire awe and wonder in all who lay eyes upon it.

A must for collectors of fantasy art, dragon enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the myths that dragons embody, this figurine is more than just a decorative item – it is a piece that tells a story, inviting the viewer to ponder the tales of dragon lore and the mysteries of a world where dragons soar the skies.

The dragon symbolises power, change, and spirituality, and it also symbolises good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

  • Resin painted dragon egg with detatchable stand
  • 6.5 x 10.5cm (approx)
  • Available in the 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Air & Water
  • Also available as a set of Four Elements
183655-GGD001234C | The Blue Budha
Air Element Dragon Egg with Stand 10.5cm

Available on back-order

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