Everyone’s Got Angels Around Them

Believe it or not, everyone’s got Angels around them.

It doesn’t matter if a person is aware of Angels or believes in them, each person has at least two guardian angels with them all the time and they are in charge of our physical safety, so we don’t damage our body too much until it’s our time to leave.

The more we become aware of the angels and who they are, the more our lives become enhanced and heightened by their energy.


The angles are not allowed to interfere with our free will (except the guardian angels) and that is why we are required to ask them for their help, healing, information etc. This way we give them permission to enter and “interfere” with our energy.

Once we truly trust and open up to the angelic realm, every time we communicate with them we literally channel their energy, and this raises our frequency, which means more good stuff is coming into our life. The higher the frequency, the lighter our lives get, the more awareness and understanding we have. We literally awaken this way. That doesn’t mean our life becomes so easy that things just fall into our lap without us doing anything. We are still faced with challenges and growth but we know how to ask and receive assistance and we also have a much clearer picture and understanding of why things are happening the way they are and what is our part in it.

Angels are always ready to help. They have a high frequency and can assist more than one person at the same time. So we must not think that if we call upon for example Archangel Michael, that we are bothering him or dragging him away from something more important. Archangels and Angels can assist millions at the same time. The easiest to understand this is to picture Angels’ frequency as radio waves. So, if we choose to listen to a particular radio station we just tune into that frequency and there it is. We also know that even though we are listening to that radio station, we aren’t taking it away from the others. Thousands or even millions of people listen to the same radio station at the same time and no one gets any less of it because of that.

Angels have been assisting Earth and humans for eons. They are always on “stand-by”. They cannot wait to be able to assist us. Nothing is too small or too big of a request for them. The challenge lies in us and in our belief system. How much do we trust and believe? How much are we willing to receive? What is our self worth?

Asking for the same thing over and over again comes from our fear and insecurity that we aren’t going to get what we are asking for. Or maybe we try to control how things will happen or where they will come from. This means our energy of receiving is blocked. It is enough to ask once and then trust and let go.

There are many books available for more detailed information on how to communicate with Angels and how their energy works with us. One of the best authors is Doreen Virtue. Her books and cards have changed lives of millions of people around the world.

So, grab yourself a Rose Quartz, place it on our heart and start chatting with your Angels like you would with your best friend.


The Blue Budha

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